The most customizable and well-built chicken coops in Ontario.

Serving Ontario since 2020.

Over the last several years, we've made hundreds of people very happy and thousands of chickens even happier. First with our sawmill, and now with our Chicken Coops & Tiny Homes, we're proud to be 100% Canadian, with all of our materials sourced locally, providing you the most well-built, off-the-grid products around.


Why should I buy a pre-built chicken coop?


Pre-built chicken coops are made to get you to your goal of raising chickens faster. Our experience has allowed us to make mistakes and learn from them, ensuring that our coops are not only structurally sound, but are equipped with features you don't know you need yet.

How many chickens should I have in a coop?


We normally recommend no less than 3 square feet per chicken. Our standard 6' x 6' chicken coop will house between 10-12 chickens.

Do chicken coops need a run?


This depends on whether you want to let your chickens run free range in your yard, or if you want to protect them and keep them housed at all times. If you have a lot of overhead predators then you may want to consider a covered run.

Do I need a permit for a chicken coop?


Check with your local Township or Municipal office to confirm bylaws in your area.

Where can I put my chicken coop?


As long as it is within the zoning guidelines of your municipality, you can place the coop anywhere you like.

How much does it cost to maintain a chicken coop?


The biggest expense is your time. Chicken feed is inexpensive and they otherwise require very little maintenance.